Our Certifications

All Our Certifications are issued and accredited by Lakewood Business School UK. Earning a credential from us speaks volumes ― about you as a professional, about the organization you serve, and about the employees who put their trust in you. An LWBS certification distinguishes you as an expert in your professional field, with proven levels of skills and knowledge, and the competence necessary to mitigate risks and drive business results.

How to acquire the Certification
  • Exam time: 2 hours
  • Exam length: 100 scored questions
  • Computer-based exam at your home or office
How Much Does It Cost?

Exam Fee*: $50 + Application Fee: $50

*Once an exam application is approved, no refunds will be made whether a candidate withdraws or no longer wishes to take the exam.


  • Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP)
  • Certified Customer Service Manager (CCSM)
  • Certified Customer Care Professional (CCCP)
  • Certified Customer Care Manager (CCCM)
  • Certified Customer Service Consultant (CCSC)
  • Certified Customer Service Specialist (CCSS)
  • Certified Customer Service Organizational (CCSO)
  • Certified Call Centre Professional (CCCP)